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Lesy Slovak republic s.p., OZ Semenoles is a state enterprise under the Ministry of Agriculture, which contains 11 nurseries located on 312 ha from which production area is 182 ha, department of Lúštiareň (seed extraction plant and kiln) and 1 nursery center for the production of ornamental trees and gene pool protection . We are the largest enterprise in this specific field in Slovakia, with over 94 years of experience producing quality seeds for nursery raising and nursing seeds.
The principal activities of businesses in the Department of Lustiaren (Seed Extraction Kiln) are the collection, extraction & cleaning, storage, and handling of high quality seeds from carefully selected provenance.
Our nurseries specialise in the large-scale production of both bare-root and containerised forest tree seedlings, which are cultivated in all climatic conditions of Slovak Republic, what guarantee immunity to the entire territory of our country. Yearly production is 21 millions seedlings and plants. 70 % of them are used for our own production and 30 % are sold in domestic and foreign markets.
We provide collection, based on customer requirements on species, quality, quantity, seed collection zone and elevation zone established before the collection season.
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